Karen Pohlman is committed to making a dent in homelessness. On any given night, around 550,000 people experienced homelessness in the US. This corresponds to about 0.06% of the total population in the country; 1 in 1,670 Americans is homeless. one of the largest humanitarian issues of our time.

To this end, we are partnering with charities like Community First! Village, who provide tiny homes, micro-business, and support to the chronically homeless in Texas.

In 2008, Karen and her family were homeless, living in the National Forest in tents trying to get back on their feet after a financial loss and foreclosure of their home. 

“I think maybe God was trying to get our attention!”

While they were at the campsite, working on keeping a positive attitude and focusing on what they wanted, they would pretend that they were being interviewed by Ellen or Oprah. 

“I remember recording a video of myself on my phone, talking to Ellen, saying that I was going to come her show one day and tell her about our experience. “

Years later, after they were “out of the woods”, her daughter Jade wrote a letter to the Ellen Show, describing what their family had been through while homeless and had learned some great lessons from the experience. 

Jade wrote “I think you’ll get a kick out of it” and a producer from The Ellen Show invited Jade and Karen out to Los Angeles to see one of the shows in person.  During the show they surprised them and called Jade up to the stage to read her letter to the audience.

Ellen went on to present their family with a check for $20,000 from Shutterfly! 

“Those experiences were a gift to my family and I, and I became a whole new person after being homeless.  I had an appreciation for little things like a toilet, a hot shower and a roof over my head. I valued more the things you can’t buy, like family & friends, love, joy, kindness, and imagination. I still get happy and grateful when I get into a warm shower. So, as difficult it was to go through, I see it as a gift for what it brought to my life in the way of a closer family, appreciation, compassion, and endless lessons in focus, manifestation, gratitude and vision. “

Karen is paying it forward!

The plan is to present Community First! Village in Austin, Texas with $20,0000.00.

A GoFundMe.com fund has been set up for the money to be sent directly to Community First! Village. 10% of all coaching fees are being donated to Community First! Village with additional fund raising from people like you to meet the $20,000 goal.

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Please help this amazing community grow to satisfy the needs of so many who are homeless.
Community First! Is a tiny home community that serves the needs of the chronically homeless by creating a space of interactive community and microbusiness. 
In the fall of 2018, MLF took a significant step with the first expansion of Community First! Village. Phase II of the Village is directly adjacent to the Phase I development and adds an additional 24 acres—bringing the entire property to 51 total acres.
Once complete, nearly 500 formerly homeless individuals will be living in Community First!—representing about 40 percent of Austin’s chronically homeless population.