Hi! I’m Karen Pohlman.

Karen Pohlman, wife, mom of three amazing human adults, author, entrepreneur, speaker and trainer, lives in San Jose, NM with their two dogs.  Karen has seen her own fair share of life’s setbacks, hard knocks, and losses and learned to become unmessable, despite what life throws at her.

She has a passion for equipping women to live another way with, a unique process for themselves so they can deal with any circumstance in life, without losing faith or losing their cool, then get on with their life stronger, with a new perspective.

Even though she had a nice house, nice cars and nice things, her personal life was falling apart, filled with panic attacks. Feeling shame and doubting whether she had married the “right guy”  led them to divorce.

That woke me up!  I knew I needed to do something different so I embarked on a personal development journey to figure things out. Things changed, leveled out and we reconciled. But then…

Financially they got crushed! During the global financial crisis of 2008, they foreclosed on their house, closed their construction business, filed bankruptcy, lost their cars & furniture and what they thought was everything.

We went from a 6500 sq ft home in Illinois into three, 2-man tents in the National Forest in Northern Arizona

Husband, wife, 3 kids and a dog left Illinois with $2200 and a rental car. They primitively camped in the forest until they could find work and save enough to rent a house.  Life was messy and she struggled everyday.

Karen Pohlman

That tremendous experience, camping in the forest, accelerated change in my life.  I kept saying

I wish I had a blueprint of what to do

She became committed to figuring out how to change her life. She created lessons, possibilities and ways to shift that create lasting change.

It became the Live Another Way process

to Be Unmessable! 

I’m truly grateful for that excruciatingly difficult experience, it completely changed my life! Not only is real lasting change and becoming unmessable possible, I have a proven process of how to achieve it!

Working with women all over the country, helping them to create their own unmessable process for facing anything life throws their way, has been a complete joy for me!  It has made all that I went through, a gift.  And I’d like to share that gift with you.

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