WTF-What’s This Frustration? Dealing with Unexpected Setbacks

We all know what it’s like to have a project in motion on Friday and arrive back in the office on Monday morning to that unexpected setback. WTF! The frustration that arises when a situation seems to be halted or […]

What’s Driving us?

Overview of the 6 Human Needs

Reflections of a Year

Over the years I have had abundance and I have had scarcity, I like abundance better btw, lol! And now I understand both sides very well; what it takes to achieve, what to avoid, how to relate to both and […]

Road Rage Transformed

Have you ever been angry while you’re driving?  I used to be in a race against other cars. That was the stance that I had. I would move from lane to lane and weave in and out of cars, speed […]

See the World Through Another Person’s Eyes

This past July, my 84 year old mom passed to the other side. She was an amazing lady! She left her home in England in 1961, left her childhood home along with her 2 baby girls and her loving husband […]

10 Things that People, Who Value Themselves, Do Unapologetically

Ask for what they want- be clear People who know their value won’t stand around wondering if they deserve something or not, if they want it, they go for it. Address issues that arise promptly and courteously People who know […]

When Will I Be Enough?

So I was watching The Bachelor the other night on my couch, yes my guilty pleasure!  I am always intrigued by the words the girls often say after they don’t get a rose at the rose ceremony, “When will I […]

I’m trying soo hard!

So let’s say you want to go to Hawaii, but you’re afraid of flying.  Or maybe you want to speak in front of a group, but you’re afraid of rejection or embarrassment. Maybe you are in a relationship, but fear […]


Today I visited a wonderful place in Austin, Community First! Village.  This beautiful 27-acre master planned village was founded by Mobile Loaves and Fishes and is run by a few dozen staff and thousands of volunteers.  Their Community Works program […]