See the World Through Another Person’s Eyes

This past July, my 84 year old mom passed to the other side. She was an amazing lady! She left her home in England in 1961, left her childhood home along with her 2 baby girls and her loving husband and moved to America to make a new life for her family. She was beautiful, strong, compassionate, sensitive, feminine, smart, and funny as hell.

When I was younger she used to drive me crazy! She had so much compassion and understanding of other people it used to irritate the heck out of me. I was young and self focused.

As I got older and made some shifts in my own life, I learned to really appreciate her perspective on some important things in life.

This goes along with the 1ST Key in the Live Another Way System- Another Way to See.

I used to have road rage at an earlier point in my life. When I think back of my mom driving in the car with me, as I was raging and how she would comment on why maybe the other drivers were driving slowly or carefully, I ponder seeing things through her eyes, her perspective, her lens. She would comment that maybe the driver was feeling scared of all the traffic and needed to drive slowly or maybe they had a cake in the front seat that they were trying not to ruin. LOL, a cake?

She had a wonderful habit of always seeing the best in people, even people who were being less than loving. She loved the underdogs, the rejected ones, the hurting ones, the lonely ones and the cast offs. She hugged everybody, even the clerks at the store, to my embarrassment as a youth. She spent her life building people up with unconditional love and acceptance. I was lucky enough to be one of those people who were loved unconditionally.

If I was mad at my sister and bitched about it to my mom, she would come up with some reason why maybe my sister was being awful. A possibility of why maybe my sister was having a hard time and being less than kind. She defended all of us, every single time.
She always had this very compassionate view of other people, where she would try to understand why they were behaving the way they were and rather than seeing their bad behavior as irritating she walked alongside them and in essence put her arm around people with her compassion. She really loved well!

If we want to Live Another Way, REALLY make life different than it currently is, we need to get a different perspective. We need to try on different viewpoints, possibilities, lenses. What if we choose to see things through other people’s eyes and see what comes up? Then what!? See how the world changes and how your own life shifts when you choose to See Another Way.

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