… so you’re here, Now What!?

The Live Another Way Program is like upgrading to a new personal operating system for your life.

You stop putting Band-aids on your problems and experiencing groundhog day. By shifting where you’re operating from, you create a new way to see, think, communicate, feel and live that’s in alignment with who you’re REALLY created to be.


How to Stop People from Pressing Your Buttons



I’m Karen Pohlman and the founder & creator of the Live Another Way System- a 2.0 Operating System for Life.

I guide women who’ve made it through life challenges & transitions …but still feel like something’s missing.

Maybe you aren’t being the role model for your kids you want to be…

Maybe you’re playing small…

Maybe you feel like what you want the most, is just out of your reach…

I teach and inspire women to become UN-MESSABLE-WITH and resilient no matter what life hands you!  In fact becoming even better and more fulfilled, after life throws you around a bit!

This might sound crazy, but believe me, I’ve been through some terribly challenging times and down some dark roads and I’m on the the other side now; unshakeable, unstoppable, and un-mess-able-with. (See the video below from the Ellen Degeneres Show)

Let’s talk about how you can LIVE ANOTHER WAY.  Not just surviving but thriving!

Recreate yourself and the amazing life you were born to live!